Welcome to TheWizardofOzFilm.com web site the The Unofficial Home of TheWizardofOzFilm.com  (Wizard of Oz & Disney's Return To Oz!  This concept is our contribution to the 1939 Wizard of Oz film as made famous by the beloved Judy Garland and the 1985, Disney film, "Return To Oz" staring the young and talented Fairuza Balk.  We have decidedly added a fun and games section as well as informational pages on the many Oz costumes, props, and replicas that are around today from the 1939 movie and other great features!  Finally, we have opened up an Oz merchandising store online. Here you will find, Oz products pertaining  to Oz Collectibles & Memorabilia both old and new products alike.  We hope that you will find this site a great resource on not only the 1939 film but also on many other aspects of Oz as well including Disney's Return to Oz! So if you're looking for something interesting - check out our Oz store!!

Over the past 6 years (since 2005) Aaron Pacentine has been involved in the Oz Community.  Aaron has had a lot of great experiences with many people with his fantastic recordings he's been able to have posted on his site, not to mention the Oz online talks shows, he has produced since 2006. Don't forget to check out Ozcast - at www.returningtooz.com Two of one of the many recorded interviews, was an interview with Kurt Raymond in December of 2005. He has taken time to be interviewed for our web site extensively, also providing portions his voice talents as the Wicked Witch as well as The Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Cowardly Lion.  It's always a pleasure with Kurt. Plus an Oz panel, that was produced to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the well known and one of the most longest running Oz web site on the Internet today,  BeyondTheRainbow2Oz.com.   The panel featured Elaine Willingham who is the founder and proprietor of Beyond The Rainbow, Kurt Raymond, Oz impressionist/Wicked Witch impersonator, and last but not least, Stephen Sisters who is an Oz collector and talented Oz replica/model creator.

  Most notably and the most fun, is the interview with Kurt Raymond (from December, 2005) and the newer panel (recorded August, 2008)  are believed by us to be two really fun and exciting recordings that we have here in our collection of interviews and recordings. You will hear these wonderful people talk about these events and other memories they have had working together and putting on the events that remain so close to their heart today....many years later!

    Now, in this digital age of entertainment there is always something new and exciting to look forward to, and as far as the Oz is concerned there never really is enough to go around these days. We strive to always focus on the 1939 film, and Disney's "Return To Oz" from 1985.  We want to put forward there will always be new and exciting things on the web site to look forward to pertaining to the entire Oz Community and the fans.

A VERY special thank you to Lisa for all her help some of the design of this web site (including the buttons), and her upbeat and wonderful spirit. Even at 2:00 AM in the morning, Lisa was a great encouragement and was ready to work (with the site) without thinking of herself first. She's a great example!

Just click on the email logo below and comments and suggestions are always appreciated so you can check out our "Guestbook" and post comments regarding our web site, interviews, and Oz radio show.   Thank you!



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